qwica Classic Series

pdfClassic Series Overview (1.6MB PDF)

The qwica Classic Series is ideal for a variety of situations, including:

  • Long-term applications such as memorials, dedications, markers, or general plaques
  • Self-guided tours or information signs with multiple language support

Choose from three Classic Series packages based on the features you want on your qwica page. Each is available in a service term of 10 or 15 years for long-term applications or to match most memorial bench programs.


             See below for details on these features

Example Classic Pages

Scan any of the q-codes below with your smartphone to see an example of the various Classic packages on your mobile device. Alternately, click on the buttons below.


Classic Example



Classic Plus Example

(Corporate Profile)

Plaques and Tags

Classic packages include a plaque or tag for attaching a q-code to a bench, sign, or any other permanent object.

Select an elegant and durable cast bronze plaque with a q-code and 3 or 4 lines of text. While 8” x 3” or 10” x 3” options are standard, custom sizes and configurations are possible. Inquire for details.


Or opt for a simple and versatile round tag with just a q-code (1-7/8" diameter). Stainless steel and self-adhesive Lexan options are available.

Customized signs and displays for virtually any application are also possible. Contact us to discuss your needs.

qwica Page Details

Main Title Image classic-lite-iconclassic-iconclassic-plus-icon

The main title image appears at the top of the page just below the title. It is the main element people see when the page loads. This image scales with screen width. The page title and an optional subtitle appear above it.

Pro Audio classic-iconclassic-plus-icon

For Classic and Classic Plus pages, the text on the page is converted to an audio recording by a professional voice. An audio player beneath the main title image allows the user to listen to the audio on their device. For Classic, the audio is limited to 1 minute (about 140 words or less) and for Classic Plus, the audio can be up to 2 minutes long (about 280 words). qwica can also accommodate a customer supplying their own audio (provided they have the right to publish it).

Customer-Supplied Video classic-plus-icon

Classic Plus pages can include one or two customer-supplied videos. They appear at the start of the text section. Videos can be linked directly from youTube or Vimeo, or qwica can manage hosting them. As mobile video technology is still maturing, qwica will utilize methods to ensure availability across a wide variety of mobile platforms.

Website Text classic-lite-iconclassic-iconclassic-plus-icon

The website text appears below the main title image and audio player, if applicable. For Classic and Classic Plus the website text is converted to an audio recording by a professional voice. We recommend that the text be written in such a way that it can be spoken. Being concise ensures a good experience by users on mobile devices.

Image Gallery classic-lite-iconclassic-iconclassic-plus-icon

Below the text is an interactive image gallery. Tapping or clicking on any thumbnail brings up a slideshow with larger versions of the images that allow familiar touch controls for zooming and moving among images.

External Website Links classic-iconclassic-plus-icon

Classic and Classic Plus pages support links to external sites. These could include social networking sites, or any websites where further information is available.

Contact Links classic-iconclassic-plus-icon

Classic and Classic Plus pages optionally allow for contact information, such as a phone number or email address, to be included. If activated, the qwica page includes buttons that email a specified address or call a specified number. While this may not be desirable for all applications, even a memorial page could benefit from a link to send comments by email.

Social Links classic-lite-iconclassic-iconclassic-plus-icon

Social links allow users to share a qwica page with their friends through email or several popular social networks.

Interactive Map classic-iconclassic-plus-icon

Classic and Classic Plus pages can show a location, typically the location of the plaque, on a map. Tapping the static map on the page brings up an interactive map.

Monthly Reports classic-plus-icon

Classic Plus pages include monthly usage reports emailed to a selected contact address.

Website Changes classic-lite-iconclassic-iconclassic-plus-icon

qwica manages Classic pages on behalf of the customer. Minor changes (e.g. updating a link) are free. Larger changes or page revisions (beyond those included in a package) can be made for a small fee. Changes to professional audio recordings require a separate fee to be re-recorded.

Redirect Option

We recommend utilizing any of the qwica Classic packages that link a q-code on a plaque or tag to a qwica website. This ensures an excellent user experience optimized for a wide array of mobile devices. Customers that want to also link to external sites are encouraged to select the Classic or Classic Plus package, which include support for external links.

In cases where customers prefer to have the q-code link directly to their own website instead of an optimized qwica page we can set up the q-code to automatically redirect to that website. This flexible option provides a tested code that can be redirected as needed in the future (to a different URL or a qwica page), without having to alter or replace the plaque or tag.