Memorial Application

memorial-benchesImagine a memorial where people can actually hear about a loved one, and even see some pictures. The plaque is the starting point for the story instead of the whole story.

How to Get Started

Select a qwica Classic package with bronze plaque for a complete solution that is ideal for a memorial application. qwica takes care of creating and managing your mobile-optimized memorial webpage and works with you to design your bronze plaque. This option includes:

  • An elegant and durable 10” x 3” or 8” x 3” bronze plaque with up to 4 lines of text and a q-code right on the plaque. This is ideal for most memorial benches, but other dimensions are possible.

  • A qwica Classic page with these features (among others):

mem01Professionally narrated audio up to 1 minute long of your text, which also appears on the page.

mem02An interactive image gallery of up to 9 images. Users can flip through images, zoom in, or watch them as a slideshow.

mem03A map showing the location of the memorial. Users can tap on the map to interact with it or get directions.

mem04Links to other relevant websites or an email address to receive comments. These are entirely optional, but useful in some cases.

Visitors can scan the q-code embedded on the plaque with their smartphone to find out more about the memorial or dedication. This displays the qwica page, which is optimized for the accessing device, allowing the user to see and hear the story of the memorial or dedication.

Optional Memorial Upgrades

  • Select the Classic Plus package, which adds:
    • Longer professionally narrated audio (up to 2 minutes)
    • Customer-supplied video embedded on the qwica page
    • Monthly access reports sent by email
  • Add multiple languages:
    • In addition to English, standard options include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, and Arabic (others may be possible)
    • Professional audio narration is also available in these languages
  • Customize your plaque:
    • Select a larger size to suit your application
    • Larger plaques can fit additional text
    • Add an image to a larger plaque

Memorial Example

Scan the q-code below with your smartphone to see an example of a Classic Memorial page on your mobile device. Alternately, click on a button below.

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