qwica is a system for users to quickly access information and interactive content wirelessly with a smartphone.  It consists consists of two linked components:

  • A scannable q-code that can be easily printed or added to various items such as signs, plaques, tags, business cards, or advertisements
  • A mobile-optimized interactive web page that can include relevant information, audio, images, links, a map, and video

qwica interactive manages the creation of both these components for you, enabling you to easily and efficiently connect with users, engage them and inform them.


Why Use qwica?

qwica takes care of all the important details, so you don’t have to.  For example, a qwica page is optimized for the device scanning the q-code.  That means a qwica page is usable and fits the screen whether accessing it from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

qwica pages support multiple types of media content, even supporting users interacting with that content in multiple languages.  And qwica makes your message mobile-ready and available quickly and easily, while ensuring compatibility as mobile technologies evolve.

q-codes are intended for long term use. That means they are designed to be readable by a wide variety of devices, indoors or outdoors, over several years. They are also always the same small size, simplifying printing and reading while adding flexibility for code placement.

qwica pages can be updated or revised with different information, and q-codes can even be redirected to point to entirely different website links without having to replace a sign or plaque.

qwica very effectively adds engaging mobile technology to anything a q-code can be printed on or attached to.

Scan this q-code with your smartphone for an example qwica page. Or click on it to see the page in this browser.

qwica Packages

qwica services are available in several different packages designed to meet most requirements.  Service offering are grouped into two different series.

The qwica Classic Series is ideal for a variety of long-term applications including memorials, dedications, site markers, or general plaques.  Self-guided tours or information signs with multiple language support also work well with this series.  The Classic Series includes a tag or a plaque with the q-code. More information.

The qwica Business Series is designed for various self-service business applications including real estate, advertising, product information, business cards, marketing promotion, location-based content and more. Business Series customers are provided with a q-code that they can incorporate onto signs, stationary or other assets. More information.

All qwica packages support multiple languages as an extra option. This makes page content, including text and audio, available in other selected languages. More information.