Language Options


qwica supports making content available in multiple languages, including professional audio narration.

Professional Recordings

Have your qwica page text converted into an audio recording by a professional voice. Users hear the recording through an audio player on the page and can even see the images as a slideshow while audio plays.

Classic pages include a 1 minute professional audio recording of your text and Classic Plus pages include a recording up to 2 minutes long. Other packages can add professional audio recordings as extra options.

Multiple Languages

qwica pages support multiple languages, if desired. That means users can select their preferred language and the page content changes to reflect that for all text and audio.

In addition to English, professional audio voice options include:

  • French  
  • Spanish  
  • German   
  • Italian  
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Arabic

qwica can convert your text in any of these languages into a voice recording. We can also arrange for translation services, if needed. Additional languages are possible upon request.  Inquire for availability and pricing.


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